Knife Block - Myrtle 227


Designed to be a perch for your favorite knife and to keep your blade within easy reach. This one is made from a solid piece of Spalted Maple and since this product is made from natural materials, aka wood, it may contain minor imperfections such as small cracks, knots, or spalting. Knot surprising, we believe that these natural features add character and have intentionally left them untouched.


Material: wood, resin, neodymium magnets, leather

Size: 11x3x3 (ish)

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  • Knife Block - Myrtle 227 - image_85cca5fd-d6c7-4c38-8be6-118763df2237
  • Knife Block - Myrtle 227 - image_885556d3-9ee7-4d6a-9f7a-2b4c057f15d2
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  • Knife Block - Myrtle 227 - image_90c9bc83-5e97-48eb-ba07-5e4b55c097da