Chef’s Knife w/ Mango


This 10” blade was forged by hand in the Chicago shop. Handcrafted from high-carbon 1095 steel and fitted with a Wa Style handle made from Hawaiian Mango. The blade features a gentle S-grind, sanded by hand and then etched to create a smoky patina. Elegant, lean and a must-have for any kitchen.

If you'd like to add a leather sheath we can custom make one for this knife.  You can that here.

Note: We think the patina is beautiful, unique and like a snowflake no two are alike. It’s a sign of a well-used, well-loved knife. The blade will develop a natural patina and darken with use, and it may also stain if acidic food residue is not promptly removed.

Read our care instructions here and dig deeper into the beauty of high-carbon steel here.

High Carbon 1095
Overall Length: 400mm
Height: 55mm
Weight: 186g 
Cutting Edge:


Spine Thickness:
2.59mm at handle and taper to point
Handle Material: Hawaiian Mango

  • Chef’s Knife w/ Mango - 53E5BE22-4AEC-40A7-85E7-FDE890154183
  • Chef’s Knife w/ Mango - 3CD8425B-7204-487B-B774-341A29722088
  • Chef’s Knife w/ Mango - B1892F91-0E50-4DE2-87AC-C1032A08A82D
  • Chef’s Knife w/ Mango - AB21D24E-38B5-4B96-82F3-8C487D8196D3
  • Chef’s Knife w/ Mango - F58EA2C4-5955-4809-B777-001753DE4D1E
  • Chef’s Knife w/ Mango - A20AE205-FF08-4424-97B8-48060585506B
  • Chef’s Knife w/ Mango - 6030F734-1C3A-4A45-A1A0-52C726F96C78