Chefs Knife in Spalted Tamarind


Hand forged Chefs knife utilizing San Mai construction features a high-carbon White II core that’s seen clearly along the sweeping 9" long cutting edge. A Wa style handle was made from a dramatic looking piece Spalted Tamarind. This knife offers perfect balance right at the pinch grip. With its medium weight, it becomes a reliable workhorse for any cook.

Note: We think the patina is beautiful, unique and like a snowflake no two are alike. It’s a sign of a well-used, well-loved knife. The blade will develop a natural patina and darken with use, and it may also stain if acidic food residue is not promptly removed.

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High Carbon White #2
Overall Length: 3785mm
Height: 53mm
Weight: 168g
Cutting Edge: 234mm
Spine Thickness: 2.73mm at handle and taper to point
Handle Material: Spalted Tamarind 

Protect your knife with a leather sheath.

  • Chefs Knife in Spalted Tamarind - 9DE9AE76-37D8-459A-B67D-7F23C83129E6
  • Chefs Knife in Spalted Tamarind - 1FAAAC72-F6FB-4FFE-BB90-074F6086FE6F
  • Chefs Knife in Spalted Tamarind - F9D578C0-399D-466A-A370-A17AED84A644
  • Chefs Knife in Spalted Tamarind - 6114B459-4F2A-4C56-BE6F-1DB6EDC0585C
  • Chefs Knife in Spalted Tamarind - A02A1E87-1BD0-403D-87A0-BD6E7260061C